Cool Comics by Cool Pals

Crossed Wires by Iris Jay – Hackers (1996) but queer! VR hackers team up to take down an evil tech megacorp.
Subtleties by Summer Catterfly – A girl who can speak to the dead works with her two best friends to help spirits process grief.

More Cool Comics

Feast for a King by Kosmic(18+) A gorgeous, sprawling epic about monsters made of worms made of more monsters that updates at a frankly frightening pace.
O Human Star by Blue Delliquanti – Alistair Sterling, the famed “father of modern robotics”, wakes up 16 years after his own death. Now Al must track down his old partner Brendan to find out who is responsible for Al’s unexpected resurrection – but their reunion raises even more questions. Like who the robot living with Brendan is. And why she looks like Al. And how much of the past should stay in the past…
SuperPose by Seosamh & Anka(18+) Beautiful, aesthetic comic set in a parallel 1980s. Queer trans sci-fi story about black holes, horror, and love.

Friends of Transformed!

Shapeshifters – Custom-fitted binders in a variety of patterns, colours, and fabric weights. They’ll work with you to make a binder that fits you specific needs!
Emerald Comics Distro – ECD provides indie comics distribution across the Pacific Northwest. Their catalogue offers comics from talented queer and independent creators, many of which can be purchased in their online shop!
Silver Sprocket – San Francisco based comic publisher, shop, and gallery. A must-visit for indie comic fans in the area. Silver Sprocket Rules, Okay?